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Imrsive started in May 2022 from a simple realization: while E-commerce optimized conversion, it did not fit the expectations of younger consumers that desire a tight-knit, visual, and custom interaction with the brands.

From this basis, we decided to develop Imrsive, the basis of a new generation of commerce that is more visual, more interactive, and better suits the expectations of today’s e-shoppers.

Indeed, each Imrsive store is custom-made and communicates without boundaries the artistic direction of the E-retailer.

With a community of over 50 environment designers, the virtual showrooms can fit the requirements of any kind of e-retailer developing its brand image.

Meet our team.

Ruben Sananes


Alexandre Vuillame


Antoine Gosset

Dev Full Stack

Tom Hofer

Marketing Manager

Lea Schremmer

Project Manager

Romain Dupeyron

Partnership Manager